Marbella the perfect place to heal from addiction, stress and obsessive behaviour problems

The ideal environment, the right care and an enjoyable launchpad into a sober, happy life. We have all the ingredients for a significant recovery and the right balance of fun, excitement, healing and therapy.

Finding the right place for you or your loved one can be difficult, and we believe we have created a unique environment for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing from addiction and other mental health issues. Located in Southern Spain Marbella Sober Home offers 24 hours care for our clients to help them to stay away from the ever-present lure of alcohol, drugs, video games and heal from one of the many substance abuse or obsessive-compulsive disorders prevalent today. Millions of people of all ages go on holiday to Marbella for great food, beautiful sunshine, a relaxed culture, and the chance to enjoy things they have never done - in other words, have an excellent adventure. The environment that allows millions of holidaymakers to come back refreshed from holiday is also great for the confused, angry and frightened addict in facilitating healing.

Marbella has connections to most European airports, and regular flights are available to come and stay and for family members to visit and offers plenty of opportunities to recover. There is excellent therapeutic help available including top psychotherapists, physical therapists and coaches all catering to English speakers

My family has never been Better. My whole life has turned around, family and business going incredible and I have started helping others . Thank you so much Marbella Sober Home - Morten (Denmark)

There is also and vibrant community of 12 Step Groups (Alcoholics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous) and more in all European languages. The outdoor lifestyle, exercise and great food make for a combination that has helped many people move on to happy, purposeful lives. Our Sober Coach is a recovered addict himself and attends the meetings with his small group of clients. The client will have a much more personal experience of the 12 Step fellowships than just being bused in as part of a large group. We encourage full participation in 12 Step fellowships and make arrangements for our clients to make vital connections with sober members to sustain long-term support and recovery.

Fun as well as therapy - Encouraging your loved ones to get help.

If your loved one is addicted getting them to seek help is often extremely difficult. Clients may have been into treatment before cooped up 24 hours a day in a facility with people they dislike or are afraid of or they may not want to leave their destructive lifestyle and enter an institution or hospital type environment.

Exercise, therapy, meeting recovery programme, five days a week, immediate admission available.

Exercise, therapy, meeting recovery programme, five days a week, immediate admission available.


Healthy Body - Healthy Mind

Vibrant fresh vegetables the heart of the life giving diet we provide

Vibrant fresh vegetables the heart of the life giving diet we provide

Physical fitness is a big part of what we do at Marbella Sober Home because throughout heavy dependence on alcohol and/or drugs, the body becomes depleted and damaged. The addict often becomes over or underweight, and health problems develop affecting self-esteem, leading to depression and more drinking or using. The downward spiral of destruction often leads to death by accident, suicide by overdose. We offer the opportunity for you to physically rebuild and enhance your self-esteem and thus break the vicious cycle of addiction.

With a choice of healthy activities suited to the fitness level of the client, based on their interests, and abilities. We also encourage clients that have never done much physical exercise to explore new ways to get and keep fit. As the client continues to exercise the balance of natural feel-good chemicals - endorphin, oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine are released in the brain, whilst the client experiences a sense of happiness and well being.

We offer gym membership to all our clients, and we also engage specialist coaches to help and encourage them to fulfil their fullest potential. The daily programme consists of supervised exercise with a qualified instructor.

Natural Thrills without Drugs

Apart from a physical fitness regime, we offer a wide range of thrill-seeking activities to add adventure and fun to your stay. We offer swimming in the complex’s luxury pool, climbing in the local mountains of the Sierra Nieves, walking along the many desert trails just a few minutes inland, exploring the countryside and the fantastic unspoiled environment where eagles still soar in the skies.

Healthy supervised exercise to recover physical health and produce feel-good brain chemicals.

Healthy supervised exercise to recover physical health and produce feel good brain chemicals

Healthy supervised exercise to recover physical health and produce feel good brain chemicals

For the adventurous, we can also arrange rock climbing, skydiving kit surfing and canoeing. For some light fun, our clients love to buzz around the local go-Karting circuit.

What is included

What is included in your stay.

Our prices include all meals, one fitness gym and transport to and from the airport at the start and end of your stay, plus a minimum of 3 meetings per week. Clients must pay other sundry personal items, eating out, any outside activities (example skydiving) and cigarettes.

No complicated Admission process. Immediate access.

We can take on clients at very little notice to ensure they can get out of the destructive environment and lifestyle as soon as possible. As ex-addicts ourselves, we are deeply aware that getting help may be the difference between a new life and a sudden death. We are here to answer any questions about our tailor-made sober companion programme.