Activities and Excursion at The Marbella Sober Home


Activities and Excursions

At The Marbella Sober Home we promote a balanced recovery and believe that fun in recovery is not only possible, but quite important. During active addiction many years are spent using and isolating. This means becoming disconnected from a normal and enjoyable way of living.

Our focus is simply to show our clients how to have fun again whilst being sober. It is a great opportunity to relax a little bit after a thorough weeks work, and really see for yourself that fun in recovery is possible.

Optional excursions and activities include but are not limited to:


Inaugurated in 1993 and located in the natural park Las Medranas, Wakeboardcenter is the furthest south facility in Europe and for that reason we open almost all year round. We have an area of 2690 feet, which allows 9 people to ski at the same time. The cable-ski system helps you practice and train yourself to water ski in an easier, simpler and more economic way. Due to its 5 pulleys, it is a cable of little difficulty opposed to the conventional cables of 2 pulleys. After the reforms and innovations that were carried out during 2013, Wakeboardcenter is considered to be one of the best facilities in Europe, still trying to improve every year incorporating better modules and additional services.

Located on our doorstep, this stunning go kart track is one of Europes finest and is within a 60-minute drive from our facility. It is great fun, and an amazing experience. The 4 strokes ar ethe started carts and they hit a top velocity of 80 kn p/h and the 2 strkes go over 100 km p/h. Sounds scary? Well it can be. Great fun.

The availability to hike through the mountains in Andalucia is endless. On our doorstep we have La Concha and further a field, only an hours drive from the faculty, we have the option of a 5 hour hike through waterfalls and over mountain tops. This activity needs a level of fitness that we will help each individual to reach, before agreeing to engage in the activity. Living in nature is one of the most holistic exercises a person can do in short or long term recovery.

Tarifa, situated in the Straits of Gibraltar in Cadiz province, ‘The Adventure Capital of Europe’, ranked third after Hawaii and the Canary Islands as a top wind spot, it is a Mecca for wind and kite surfers from all over the world. On almost 20 km of white sandy beaches of Tarifa – there is also a very good potential to learn/practice surfing. We offer kite surfing, Paddle boarding, body boarding or simply lying on the beach and enjoying the site of Africa in the distant. Tarifa is an hour away from faculty.

Day trip to Tarifa

Torremolinos is the largest water park in Spain, offering thrilling rides and world-class facilities just a short ride east of Marbella. Aqualand is a fantastic day excursion that caters for everyone. If you like the adrenaline rush that comes with the big fast rides or if you would simply prefer to lounge by the wave pool or float down the lazy river then this is the place for you.

Learn how to speak Spanish. We offer in house hourly tuition or intensive weekly courses depending on the wishes of the guest staying at The Marbella Sober Home.


For a simple payment of €169 it is possible to jump from 10,000 ft in Sevilla. The drive takes around 3 hours door to door, therefore it is suggested that more than one person attend, and we will deliver.

Extra activities are not covered in the cost of staying at The Marbella Sober Home.


Very simply the Zoo in Castellar is a very special experience. Go with lots of water and food and check the website, to make sure you attend during feeding times for the tigers, you might get the opportunity to touch one of the animals. All clients love this excursion.

I jumped from 15,000 ft with the owner of The Marbella Sober Home and I will never forget the feeling of jumping from a plane
— Anonymous