Zone Three Connection for Recovery from Addiction


As many of you will already know, connection is the opposite of addiction. In the TED Talk “Everything You Think You Know About Addiction is Wrong,”Johann Hari discusses recent research that indicates that the opposite of addiction is not sobriety, it’s connection. Addiction is not just about the pleasurable effects of substances. Part of addiction can often be about the sufferers inability to connect in a healthy manner with other people.  

One of our mainstays at Marbella Secondary Care is connecting the guest with other people. Being able to build close, secure and healthy relationships with supportive, reliable and empathetic people is one of the things we do best here.

How we Build Connection:

12 Step Meetings are the foundation for reconnecting with other people in our community in Marbella. Other addicts in recovery who attend these meetings will know exactly what it feels like to be where our guest is whilst they are with us. They know what it feels like to be embarking on the lengthy process of healing. We suggest that our guests attend at least one meeting every evening for the duration of their stay with us. From there they will be introduced to kind and supportive people who will help them on their journey with us. They will be encouraged to socialise after meetings and learn local tips from old timers who have lived on the coast here with us for many years and navigated the hardships recovery has in store. 

Benefits of Mutual Aid Support Groups: 

Whether you physically attend a group meeting, or are part of an internet/facebook group that offers support to its members, being part of a group offers something many people in recovery feel like they are missing: a sense of belonging, of fitting in somewhere. 

You will have a ready made support system.

You will be able to learn and grow through other members stories and mistakes. 

You can find about different tools that other people are using and that help them. Remember - not one way fits all. Recovery is highly personal and it stands to reason that you may have to try and discard a few things before you find what fits for you. 

You will never be judged. Meetings are the safest places to go for people in recovery because everyone in the room has been where you have been before. Therefore there is never any judgement. Only compassion and empathy. 

Meetings offer hope. When you are in a room with people who have 10, 20 or even 50 years of sobriety under their belt it may feel unbelievable at first. But the truth is, they are managing it, and if they can do it - so can you! These success stories are a reminder that you can succeed in long-term recovery as long as you are committed and prepared to put the work in.