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Treatment with Dignity

We at Anatta cater to a clientele consisting of those afflicted with addiction to alcohol/drugs, wh have felt that they do not have an option other than going abroad for treatment. And why not ? If the best of technology, luxury brands etc. can find a place in India, even treating addiction for those who seek luxury and dignity during the treatment of their addictions, can and have been treated with us over the last 13 plus years.

We facilitate a voluntary, non -medical approach to treat our clients, with an exclusive team that works and lives with our clients 24/7, in an exclusive, luxurious, single client base. A team of 2 to 3 professionals experienced in treating addiction live with the client throughout their treatment. 

Each client is treated individually with acceptance and compassion. The core team of Dr.Jerajani a psychiatrist who has been in the field for over 40years, Mahesh Hiranandani who has been clean and sober for the last 15 plus years and brings his experience and professionalism, Dr. Sujatha Nair with an experience of more than 13 years , who handles each client with love and affection, Vandana Hiranandani who treats the family ,providing understanding and care through the treatment and Dr. Menon our MD Med. who has been in this field for over 25 years, all, together enabling the individual to pave a life beyond addiction. 


A blend of all this put together, is what we call Treatment with Dignity. 


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