Livingstone House offers a residential drug and rehabilitation programme for men aged 18-64.
Residents participate in a 12 Step Recovery Programme, that is tailored to their needs.
Support is not just geared towards abstinence, but designed to meet
each individual’s mental, spiritual and emotional needs too.

We at SP Bespoke have over 30 years combined experience in dealing with addiction and dependence on every level for individuals and members of their family together with legal advice on any issues that can arise as a consequence.

We offer a full range of services including chaperone, sober companionship continuing care and legal analysis of problems that arise for from alcohol and drug misuse. Worrying legal issues can be a trigger for relapse and an impediment to recovery. It is vital that these are dealt with to contain them. Cure is good but relapse prevention is better for a happier, healthier and problem free home and work life.

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Treatment with Dignity

We at Anatta cater to a clientele consisting of those afflicted with addiction to alcohol/drugs, wh have felt that they do not have an option other than going abroad for treatment. And why not ? If the best of technology, luxury brands etc. can find a place in India, even treating addiction for those who seek luxury and dignity during the treatment of their addictions, can and have been treated with us over the last 13 plus years.

We facilitate a voluntary, non -medical approach to treat our clients, with an exclusive team that works and lives with our clients 24/7, in an exclusive, luxurious, single client base. A team of 2 to 3 professionals experienced in treating addiction live with the client throughout their treatment. 

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