Sober Companions

And Why You Might Need One

What is a Sober Companion?

Living with behavioural health concerns can turn daily tasks into significant challenges. Those in recovery from addiction, living with severe anxiety may find simple things like going to work or attending social events exceedingly complicated. It can be hard to go about life when worried about encountering a trigger and concerned about how one will react. It can also be challenging to balance everyday activities with clinical or therapeutic appointments. If you’re interested in regaining the self-esteem and freedom to live life without being stressed about these kinds of limitations, you might be a good candidate for assistance from our sober companion programme.

If you have ever wished that you have a support system behavioural health interferes with your daily life, you have felt the void that a therapeutic recovery companion can fill. A sober friend can provide intensive support on long- or short-term bases and accompany you throughout your day. Therapeutic recovery companions offer a sense of safety and stability and to help you to work through difficulties when tasks become overwhelming.

We provide support and accompany you to all events and keep an eye on your mental and physical condition to make sure you.

Is a Sober Companion Right for Me?

At The Marbella Sober Home our therapeutic recovery companions are trained to provide intensive support to a range of individuals. Whether you or your loved one needs help maintaining stability in the community, needs a productive daily routine, or is leaving a residential rehab program, our therapeutic companions can serve as a stabilising force through transitions or difficult times.

Support when you are struggling with early sobriety

Support when you are struggling with early sobriety

  • Are you coming out of residential treatment?

  • About to start a major life change

  • Going to events where you may encounter triggers, with or without family members?

  • Participating in other treatment during the day but need extra support at different times?

What does The Marbella Sober Home Sober Companion do?

  • We use our knowledge of recovery to develop rapport even in the most challenging of circumstances

  • We are supported by an administrative infrastructure that allows for smooth logistical planning, service coordination, and client safety.

  • Collaborative with multidisciplinary teams that may include clinical professionals, family members, and personal trainers

  • We try to match the range of clinical needs, personality profiles, and interests of our guests, “bespoke caring”

  • We help you to learn how to function in daily without drugs or alcohol and support you when you need “holding”

  • We help support our guests every step of the way as they learn how to cope with life and the adjustment necessary to stay sober in a busy confusing world.

We use international recognised Sober Companions. Men work with men and women work with women. When you enquire we will then find out the availability of the sober companions and match you with the correct professional.

How do I choose a Sober companion?

I used the sober companion service and I found the service very helpful and dynamic
— Daniel