Zone Two Therapy for Addiction Recovery

At The Marbella Sober Home we understand what a major achievement it is for you to even be here. You have successfully managed to put down the drugs and alcohol whether in a detox, primary care facility or at home and now you are ready to learn how to relive your life without drugs and alcohol. 

Therapy is a vital component of anyone’s recovery from addiction. We believe that a recovering addict can, and should, benefit from many different methods of therapy. That way, during your stay with us, you can decide which model or technique you feel is benefiting you the most and choose to continue that once you leave. 

1-1 Addiction Therapy:

Our specialist addictions therapist has 12 years experience supporting people with addiction and obsessive compulsions. He has qualifications in NLP therapy as well as CBT and personal development and coping skills. He will work with you on a one to one basis once a week to help you address any pressing psychological matters you might be struggling with, as well as discussing and using various psychological models to help you cope in early recovery. With him you will be able to explore what sort of model you think works best for you and he will be able to help you find someone to work with once you return home. 

Big Book Study:

The twelve step fellowships play a big part in our therapeutic model here at Marbella Sober Home. We believe that the 12 steps provide a toolkit for life and form a necessary component in your recovery from addiction. Whilst you are here you will be assigned a 12 step coach who will guide you through the steps in an intense format. You will work with your coach in a one to one setting and with them learn how a 12-Step program is used to maintain remission of your chronic addiction. Once you have learnt and understood the 12 steps and seen how they can help you when applied in your daily life, you will be able to take that toolkit with you wherever you go. 

Massage Therapy:

Massage therapy is extremely beneficial for people in recovery. Especially for those in early recovery who can feel terribly disconnect from their emotions and their bodies. In active addiction you will have spent so much time numbing your feelings that in recovery you may find you no longer know how to feel. Massage therapy allows you to come into a safe space, be vulnerable with another human being and receive care from someone who has no agenda. Something that may be alien to many in recovery. Massage can open spiritual and emotional pathways for people so that they are able to start feeling like they are connected once again to themselves and their physical being. It can feel like coming home. 

Magnesium Flotation Tank Therapy:

Floatation tanks have been proven to help with addiction, eating disorders and depression. Whilst you float in the floatation tanks you body stops producing cortisol (stress hormone), and increases its production of dopamine (happy hormone). The dopamine is increased through the epsom salts in the tank which contain magnesium. You will find that by being in this unique physical environment that you easily reach a meditative state which allows you to fully relax and let go of any negative emotions and stress. You will leave the tank feeling calm and soothed. Over time, you may see this calming energy permeate through many aspects of your life. 

Wilderness Programme

Trekking up a mountain first thing in the morning is the best tonic when craving for old habits. Watching the sun rise whilst the rest of the world is asleep, is an amazing way to ensure a productive day, because by mid morning you have already achieved something spectacular. PLus the best way to develop a spiritual relationship is via nature and the animals on planet earth. Here at The Marbella Sober Home we have a vast amount of activities available at our finger tips. Whatever you chose to do, get out of your chair and into nature.

Benefits of touching base with nature:

  • More Vitamin D

  • Reduces Depression

  • It Makes You Move

  • Better Sleep and More Energy

  • Manages Stress and Anxiety

  • Improves Focus

  • Make it a Hobby]

Kangen Water

One of the first things we advise at The Marbella Sober Home is to drink plenty of water and to make sure the body is rehydrated. Better still we have an E-Magic K8 Kangen Water Machine that produces ionized alkaline water which helps recovery by ridding the body of any toxins left over from old behaviours. By detoxifying the body, we must drink quantities of pure alkaline water to dissolve, neutralize, and wash away the acid wastes which detox release into the blood stream from our tissues.

We believe that the microclustered molecules of ionized alkaline water allow for deeper penetration in the cells, cleansing and hydrating you from the inside out, without that heavy, bloated, waterlogged feeling that standard water leaves behind.

It is our experience that drinking plenty of Kangen Water makes the client look better, feel better and act better.


The Marbella Sober Home has purchase the Juicer 202042 juice extractor 150w. Depending on the client we encourage daily juicing. Individuals need to be aware of the sugar content in fruits and we advise a split between fruits and vegetables of 20/80.Juicing and recovery now a days go hand in hand. Juices are high in phytochemicals, which help break down toxins and flush the toxins out of the body., helping a person into full time recovery. Plus juices are delicious.


We believe rightly or wrongly that a lot of addictive tendencies start with the Gut. We are learning more about Gut Health daily, however our experience suggest the better we eat, the better our lives become. Therefore, we encourage all our clients to get in the kitchen and learn to cook, even if it is simple tasks such as home made hummus or guacamole. Cooking can become a very pleasing hobby and a way to connect to other people, however the process of cooking helps with stress and gives a focus for the day. We need to take responsibility of what we place inside our bodies, because these foods will affect our mental health.

The answer is because it helps to decrease their chances of relapse, or turning back to their addiction in the future. Since many addicts may turn to

I learnt new ways to look after myself and when I returned home I was more independent than ever
— Michael