Travel Support for Addiction Recovery at The Marbella Sober Home

Travel Support

Some clients may undergo difficulty when traveling alone to Spain. Travel can trigger physical symptoms like carvings, withdrawals, slips and falls, or worse still panic attacks.The emotional burden of making this huge change in your life can create anxiety or fear, you might need extra help and we can provide that help to you. Rule one. Defend your sobriety with your life.

You may consider travelling with a family member or friend to the Malaga airport where a staff member will be waiting to collect you. However if the family or origin is not appropriate we do offer transportation by a trained professional.

At The Marbella Sober Home, we have a team of professionals who can safely and compassionately transport a client to Spain. These individuals understand the client and are also trained to deal with issues that may arise during the journey to the airport, on the plane, and into the safe hands of The Marbella Sober Home. All our specialists have relevant training related to addictions and mental health issues.

The Marbella Sober Home’s Travel Support Team want the best for each individual, if you need assistance please do not hesitated to contact us.

How it works

The Marbella Sober Home’s Travel Support Team, are thoroughly briefed before departure and we will organise a point of contact prior to travel. During the journey, the support team member will act as a sober companion, continually conducting risk assessments whilst flexible and adaptable to changing circumstances. Door-to-door companionship is the safest option and we offer a return service when the client leaves The Marbella Sober Home.

Our Travel Support Team:

  • are qualified in all emergency and critical situations, including first-aid

  • are trained to deal with airline staff, customs, police, immigration, with a high level of communication skills

  • have a background in de-escalation techniques and  Motivational Interviewing, if the client decides during travel they do not want to arrive at the destination

  • have a excellent understanding of English and or Northern European traditions

  • are 100% discrete and protect all forms of anonymity

This was possibly the best decision me and my family have made to date
— Stephan