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Vipasasana Silent Meditation Madrid

Dhamma Sacca

In May 2015 the Spanish Vipassana Trust started the construction of a new meditation center. The completion of the first phase of construction and the beginning of courses are scheduled for August 2016.

The search for a suitable site in the center of the Iberian peninsula and not far from Madrid began in 2009. In 2012, members of the search committee found the ideal place: a property about 2 hours from Madrid, in the town of Candeleda in the province of Ávila, with 10 hectares of rural land, protected from the north wind by the Sierra de Gredos mountains, and with stunning views of Pico Almanzor (2,592 m).

Dhamma Sacca means the Truth of Dhamma. The center will have a capacity for 120 students and 30 servers. The proximity to Portugal makes it possible to share courses with the neighbouring country.

The construction of the center meets all environmental requirements from the Junta the Castilla and Leon, the Confederación Hidrográfica del Tajo and the city of Candeleda.

The land has been replanted with the oaks, ash and cork trees native to the area.

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to 23 Nov

Certified Recovery Coaching & Sober Companion Training

Sober Services is delighted to offer the "Road To Recovery" Certified Recovery Coach & Sober Companion Training for individuals and agencies engaged in recovery services and / or coaching. This five-day course is specifically designed for those interested in becoming actively involved in serving as a certified Recovery Coach & Sober Companion.

Learning Objectives for the Certified Recovery Coaching & Sober Companion Training

  • Describe the roles and functions of a recovery coach & sober companion

  • List the components, core values and guiding principles of recovery

  • Build skills to enhance relationships

  • Discuss co-occurring disorders and medicated assisted recovery

  • Describe stages of change and their applications

  • Address ethical issues

  • Experience wellness planning

  • Practice newly acquired skills

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to 18 Nov

Keys to the Kingdom AA Convention Costa del Sol

The Costa del Sol Convention will occur from 16th of November with registration at 12 noon and finish on 18th November on Sunday afternoon. If you sign up you will receive details of the programme as soon as we have finalised it. The schedule will include top international speakers and professional and amateur members of the fellowship putting on a variety show on Saturday evening. There will be a bus into town and a great time will be had by all.

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Marbella Half Marathon

The 33rd Half Marathon Marbella will celebrate, in its 2018 edition, the Andalusian Half Marathon Championship, so the level of participation of the race is expected to be especially high and of high competitive quality. In addition, along with the half marathon, the popular 10-km race will take place, with which he will share the race. The race commemorates the 30th anniversary of the Ciudad de Marbella Athletics Club.

The runners must give two laps to a circuit of 10.5 km (1 lap in the 10K race), which will run entirely on asphalt surface and is still pending determination.

Registrations are now available and may be made until September 30 or until the 2,500 seats available are exhausted.

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to 30 Sep

Came to Believe Recovery International

The first “Came to Believe” retreat in Southern Spain

Dates and Location
Discover the ‘Why’ and ‘How’ of our AA, CA, NA, OA, Al-Anon Programmes.

Friday, Saturday, & Sunday Sept 28th to 30th 2018
Clarence Snyder, one of the first 40 of AA who helped to write the Big Book, founded the “Came to Believe” spiritual retreat in Florida USA to give alcoholics and their families an opportunity to enjoy life changing experiences. ‘How long do you want to be sick’? Clarence used to say. The steps are like a medicine capsule with 12 ingredients, you take them when you want to get well.
Bring your big book and take all the 12 steps the way our founders taught and start living in steps 10, 11& 12. Open to all suffering from addiction and their families and anyone who would like to share the experience, strength and hope of the AA program and live a life of contentment and peace of mind.

Come and do the steps as the AA founders taught over the weekend.

Recovered From Addiction Through A Life Changing 12 Step Experience

Cortijo Carranque, Partida Carranque, 4, 29100, Coin, Málaga, Spain

15 places with rooms for 1, 2 people
14.00 – 17.30 p.m. Friday afternoon.
16.00 p.m. Sunday afternoon.

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Go Karting Campillos

The longest and most extensive Go Kart Circuit and Kart Rental in Andalusia.

In our Go Kart Malaga Karting Circuit we have a fleet of 4 stroke rental karts and also you will find the only fleet of 2 stroke karts for rent (competition karts) in ALL Andalusia.

More than 1580 meters long and 120000 square meters oriented to enjoy the rental karting in the center of Andalusia, a few kilometers from the Costa del Sol (Malaga) and a short time from Seville, Jerez, Granada, Cordoba, Malaga, Mijas, Ronda, Antequera … and cities such as Marbella, Fuengirola, Torremolinos …

In addition, our circuit allows access to private karts as well as private motorcycles.

The perfect place to enjoy Go Kart renting karts as well as for the celebration of company events, team building, stag & hen party, incentives, group events (friends, associations, clubs, groups …), bachelor parties and any other private event.

Live a full karting experience in the only circuit in Andalusia that hosts a test of the Spanish Karting Championship (CEK). A Karting Circuit On Another Level.

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Climbing La Concha

LA Concha is to Marbella what Table Mountain is to Cape Town or the statue of Christ the Redeemer is to Rio de Janeiro. 

Wherever you are, its 1,215-metre shell-shaped peak rises up before you like a talisman, its colour changing with the angle of the sun.

If you haven’t been tempted to climb it yet, you will be.

The mountain is best reached from the north, diverging off the main road up towards the Refugio de Juanar.

Set amid pine trees, the wonderful old hotel and restaurant – once a Parador – could be a perfect overnight base camp for your ascent which, truth be told, is no pushover.

However, anyone used to hiking and not afraid to get their hands dirty should have no problem, and the soaring panoramic views are definitely worth it.

The peaks of Africa’s Atlas mountains can be seen in the distance, as can the Rock of Gibraltar down the coast, sticking out into the shimmering sea.

The Walk

From the Refugio de Juanar, descend 100m to a junction, then turn right at the ‘Mirador’ sign.

Looping up through the pines you reach a parking area, then pass a green metal gate and continue along the track following the sign, GR243.1 Istan.

After passing a ruined stone hut you reach a sign that says PR-A 168 La Concha, pointing right off the track. (20 mins)

Cut right away from the track towards the green mesh fence of Cortijo de Juanar, then angle hard right down through an olive grove for 100m to a four-way junction.

Cutting left into a stand of pines you come to a three-way junction. Here, angle left following another sign that says PR-A 168 La Concha.

Reaching the top of the ridge, head straight on for a few metres, then angle right and continue along the ridge, now heading almost due west between low-growing oaks.

Having run just left of the ridge, the path cuts up right to its highest point and passes a large cairn (1 hr 10 mins) before descending for a short distance.

Cairns mark the way from here.

Angling slightly left, the path passes beneath a steep cliff face, El Salto del Lobo, where there are steep drops to the right: care should be taken on this section.

Zigzagging steeply up left (a hands-on approach at this point will be useful) it then drops steeply back down to a more level path running towards La Concha.

Cairns still mark your path as you head on just south of the ridge, before angling back up to the top.

A massive panorama opens out to the south as you reach a cairn where you’ll see blue and red stripes on a rock. At this point you’re actually a few metres higher than the official summit of La Concha.

From here, angle down left following cairns and red and blue way-markings, sticking close to the ridgetop. The Istan reservoir comes into view to the west.

The path runs a few metres beneath the ridge, on its southern side, before cutting up to a three-way marker post. (1 hr 45 mins)

Here, carry straight on, following a sign saying ‘La Concha 15 mins’ along the ridge to a large cairn.

Here the path angles right, descends, then picks up the continuation of the ridge before climbing steeply once more. (You may feel safer using your hands from time to time, as there are steep drops to your left.)

Red and blue flashes still mark the way and lead you up to the summit of La Concha (1,215m). (1 hr 55 mins)

After enjoying the amazing panorama, retrace your footsteps back to the Refugio. (3 hrs 45 mins)

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10,000 ft Tandem Skydive Serville


Located just 20 minutes from Seville, Spain, Skydive Spain is a premiere destination for great weather skydiving. Skydive Spain is a part of the Swallow Group dropzones, which include Skydive Algarve (Portugal) and Skydive Hibaldstow (UK). Flying up to 15,000 ft and jumping from a fleet of Dornier G92 aircraft, Skydive Spain offers two large hangars, a comfortable on site bar and cafe, spectator areas for friends and family and a professional, safe environment for anyone to experience skydiving.

Skydive Spain is open 365 days a year and experience beautiful weather almost all year long. Come fly with us at Skydive Spain.

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