Why Choose Spain for Addiction Recovery


Why Choose Spain For Addiction Treatment?

One major reason to come to Spain for addiction treatment is that by removing yourself from familiar environments and situations, you will greatly reduce your exposure to triggers and everyday stress. Without these obstacles standing in your way, you will be able to fully engage in treatment and commit to recovery.

Although Spain is considered exotic for most clients, we are conveniently located only three to four hours flight from the UK and northern Europe, and nearby one of the world’s largest and most efficient international airports so that your journey to us can be as straightforward and hassle-free as possible.

Treatment away from home also allows you to maintain privacy and confidentiality, which we know is a high priority for many of our clients. The Marbella Sober Home provides you with a safe place to heal, with access to a huge recovery community.

 The Healing Nature of Southern Spain

Ask anyone who has traveled here, Spain is unlike any other place in the world. At The Marbella Sober Home you will have access to all Andalucia has to offer: world-class beaches, awesome mountains, and postcard-worthy experiences.

We offer clients the opportunity to learn mindfulness and meditation directly from the multiple yoga teachers, as well as engage in local Spanish classes, and visit significant cultural cities.

Spain is world-renowned for the hospitality of local people and at The Marbella Sober Home, you will be extremely well taken care of, via our unique bespoke approach to recovery.

And don’t worry about the language! Although Spanish language is commonly spoken in Spain, all of our key staff members are English-speaking, and the majority of locals speak English as well.

 World-renowned Hospitality

And the Savings…

Perhaps one of the most convincing reasons to come to treatment at The Marbella Sober Home is the savings that we can offer you. Addiction treatment in Spain is high-quality. With us, you will pay a fraction what you would pay in Northern European countries for a program that is not only comparable, but exemplary.

close to home and there is sun every day
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